3PM: Six String Showdown: A Blues Guitar Celebration

Joe's Great American Bar & Grill, 4311 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank CA 91505

The biggest blues guitar event of the year is coming to the Valley! 6 String Showdown Season 2 LA Regionals are coming to Joe’s American Bar and Grill on Sunday May 26.


16 of the hottest blues guitar players around going head to head until there’s just one left standing. Winner advances to the semi-finals on the Golden Groove Stage at New Blues Festival Long Beach later this summer for a shot to advance to the Finals. PLUS a spot with their band at the Ragin Cajun Blues Festival October 19.

Come out loud for Ambarish Nag, Mel Booker, Eric Shen, Kyle Taylor, Dennis Stoddard, Dave Widow, Michael Grange, Ryder Green, Johnny Agundez, Jesse Ward, Andrew Edward Garcia, Duane Stinnett, Brad Marsh, John Grounds, Johnny Oskam and Season One Semi-Finalist Andy Vimar . Cheer hard!

Styxxx Marshall and GrandStand Jam will be your host for tonight's San Fernando Valley regionals as we cut down from 16 guitar players until there's only two left standing, who will move on to represent Joe's and Los Angeles County on the Golden Groove stage in the Semi-Final round and a chance to move onto the for the Finals

As an added bonus, our friends at the Ragin Cajun Blues Festival are offering the winner of the LA County Regionals and their band a spot on their stage at the 2nd Annual Ragin Cajun Blues Fest courtesy Ragin Cajun Cafe Be sure to patronize this fine mom and pop local cajun restaurant. I'm there for Cajun crack at least once a week, so come hang out!

Audience response counts for 33% of the final vote so play clean, cheer loud.